PayPal account funds are on-hold - Help!

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7 Feb 17 05:52:10 pm
Can anybody help me? I sold an item on eBay thru my PayPal account and I don't have any funds to pay for the item I sold. They say that the funds are pending what should I do and is this for eBay or all site like them?

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7 Feb 17 07:44:17 pm
Hi Kylan and welcome to the forum,

This sounds like a new PayPal account, which are subject to holds. You're options are extremely limited at this point without paying for for the object up front. If you pay for the object up front and pass on tracking information to confirm the item has been shipped to PayPal, then that can in some cases speed up the process, but that is really your only chance.

Without doing that, then you will have to wait out the account hold.

It can't hurt to have open lines of communication with PayPal at this point, ask them what they would like to see to resolve the situation and they may request certain paperwork, but I can assure you that simply pleading your case won't get you anywhere close to a release of funds. These things are done by the book every time.

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18 Aug 17 04:47:17 am
Hi Kylan,

This new article will help you deal with PayPal holds, specially on eBay: Link hidden: Login to view

Hope this helps.


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