PayPal disputes and negative feedbacks (on eBay)

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22 Sep 10 12:59:33 am
3 paypal disputes in 2 days, wow, one I could understand, warehouse problems there, big neg feedback..

2nd one, well, I checked, item was attempted delivery but no one home, told them its waiting at the PO, she still left me neg feedback..

3rd one, well, she left it on friday, it turned up monday, no feedback left, spose better than neg.

am still doing between 90-100 sales per month..

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22 Sep 10 02:03:34 am
I have you covered for a bizarre neg!

Selling off a few things I have in storage, all listed with payment via PayPAL ONLY. I sell an item, no payment for 3 days so I email. No response to the mail, but the next day I get a neg from the buyer because I hadn't listed my Bank Account details for them to pay lol

Even though I had given clear instruction that it was PayPal only, I still would have given bank details if they wanted to pay by bank that badly, but no email at all.

Simply bizarre!

Mark (fudjj)

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23 Sep 10 10:31:36 pm
Yes can relate to Austgaragesales problems was doing strong healthy sales two of my items are featured in the Ebay pulse section for that catergory. Got a couple of negative and nuetral feedbacks within a short space of time one because also the buyer was not home and courier attempted 2 deliverys and then put item on hold. Another was not happy with the product offered a refund he gave me negative feedback and never returned the product another said i should provide the software for the product even though it states in the listing it is not provided.
Any way the bottom line is that Ebay have deemed that i have low DSRs and therefore have violated my Powerseller selling practices and my listings have had the search standing lowered until i improve my customer satisfaction. OK Ebay how can one do this when you have pushed my listings so far down on the search standing that nobody can see them?
Strangely enough my former 2 top sellers still feature in the Pulse but Ebay have pushed them so far down that they are near invisible.
Trying to fight back by running Auctions to get customers to notice my other store items as the front door is closed try and bring them in from the side door.

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25 Sep 10 04:54:20 am
now this crap

I do not want this item. I am expecting a full refund or I will take you to
the ACCC!!! You have the worst communication and I am not happy with your
I am expecting my c/card to be refunded ASAP!!!

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22 Nov 10 07:44:57 pm
This is why I have bought this Auction Website. My community meetings were based on single parents and parents that needed an extra income to make money through Ebay. NOW! Everyone has either been booted or eBay lowered there selling access.

So, as I am molding this website with everyone help I am making different changes almost every second to improve not just the buyer experience but the seller as well.

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