'Please quote SaleHoo when contacting us' discounts for us?

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1 Jan 09 09:14:36 am
I'm new to salehoo, and online business. i have a lot of questions, but let me start with this..
i've been checking out the suppliers websites and the some of the prices are decent. but some charge for shipping fee. I've noticed there is a note stated that 'Please quote SaleHoo when contacting us'. is this mean salehoo member will gets a discount on the order? i has not tried to contact any of the suppliers yet.

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20 Jan 09 06:46:19 am
Maybe. Call and speak with them.

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21 Jan 09 02:47:36 am
I'm actually not sure. It may even be a supplier tracking where their sales are coming from. I actually force buyers to select a source so I know if my sales are comming from Search engines or other places I advertise.

I spent hundreds per month on google adwords. If im not getting allot of google selections I will know that my adwords suck or im not putting enough money into the ad campaign.

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