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10 Jul 09 04:59:47 pm
Ive seen alot of members asking about alterntive auction sites. and theres a ton of them online. the problem with most of them , is the low traffic volume.
so its hard for sellers to make a go of them. BUT! for buyers these site can be a goldmine. less traffic means lower bids!

ive been watching the listings on one perticular site for about a month, i like this site because it has alot of NR 0.99 auctions. after about 2 weeks i decided to register and place a few bids. it tokk some constant watching at the closing minutes, but at the end i was able to buy a xbox 360 for 30.00 plus 15.00 shipping!

the item was described as lightly used with few scratches. it also had no controllers. i paid with paypal and wondered if the guy would really ship the item at that price?

the item arrived about a week later, and it was just as described!!!

so if you are constantly searching for good product sources, like most of us are.do not overlook these sources. it will take some digging around, but it may payoff big time.

oh yeah, the 360, i bought 2 wireless controllers and a few games, and planned to sell it on ebay for about a 50.00 or more profit. utill i decided to try it out, now im hooked!!!!! now i know why my sons love theirs so much!!!

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10 Jul 09 09:29:48 pm
Sweet little tip.

Must admit that I did use to do that, but I found a real lack of anything decent really being listed at a bargain price and even with ebay's traffic, I was getting better local deals on there.

There is always some idiot that doesn't want to go to the trouble of posting an item, and that often leads to low bids if the local market isn't hot that week.

Easy as to simply buy the item, re-list with a postage option and make margin of their ignorance in a lot of cases.

Never hurts to ask neither, I know some sellers get the poos when they get asked if they will ship at your expense if they have already listed with NO SHIPPING, but I've score plenty of excellent deals by asking.

Got a Baumix kitchen blender with all the attachments, only 6 months old at the time. It was listed as a local pick-up only and was in some small Western Australian town where I doubt if anyone local was even on ebay, apart from the seller themselves.

They started it at $5.00 no shipping. I made contact and asked if they would ship for the price of shipping, plus an extra $10.00 for their time.

Their reply was that they would be quite happy to do that, and it ended up that I was the only bidder. All up it cost me about 33.00 from memory and I took it out to a local tender centre auction, left it there for a week. Got heaps of bids, most around 100, but one just over 250.00, and sold it without doing a thing.

Mark (fudjj)

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18 Jul 09 03:55:18 am
I heartily agree with the above. If you set your filters on eBay to search the auctions in your local area that have been listed as 'pick-up only, no shipping' there are usually many items that will be going well below market value. It's usually people just selling off stuff from their own homes who do this because they have no experience of calculating shipping or no interest in taking something to the post-shop to send it. However, many times I have asked if they will ship it if I send them a pre-paid satchel so that they can just drop it into a postbox. It works and I've had a few good bargains from this method. You can also ask them if they will allow your own courier to collect the item and deliver it to you if it's too large for satchel postage. Items that are marked no shipping very often sell for way below going rate on eBay. There are heaps of ways to pick up bargains there if you keep your eyes open and enter a 'saved search' so that you can be notified by email every time one of the items is listed. If I didn't already have a heap of imported stuff to get rid of, I might be just trying to make a living off eBay bargains. Ity's all good fun and way better than trying to find a 'dropshipper who sells hot electronics at bargain basement prices'.

Difficult I can do right away. Impossible takes a little longer
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18 Jul 09 03:33:14 pm

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