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Question on selling replica sunglasses

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12 Dec 11 02:26:35 pm
are they legal to sell and if so other then stating that there replicas on my site, do i have to put any other disclaimers on my site?

since i am getting inventory what is the best way to ship sunglasses?
i was thinking the flat rate envelope with padding but not sure

Thanks in advance

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12 Dec 11 08:32:13 pm
Hi Sumwise,

It is legal to sell designer inspired, sometimes called replicas, however it is illegal to sale fakes, also sometimes referred to as replicas, so you need to really be switched on when getting into this market.

What's the difference?, well the biggest difference between a designer inspired replica and a straight out fake replica, is branding. A non-authentic product can NOT carry a brand that they are not the legal owner of.

There may also be design copyright infringements to be concerned about as well, it can be a bit of a mine filed if you're not 100% sure.

In regards to packaging, you have to bare in mind that you are dealing with a breakable item, and as with most postal services in the world, if it's breakable, they will usually find a way to break it, so hard cover packaging would certainly be advised in my opinion.

Mark (fudjj)

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13 Dec 11 03:51:57 am
thanks for the reply.

i figured on the difference and the sites i am dealing with now show no branding on picture. but deal wholesale so i buy to confirm that they are replicas or fake


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