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1 Sep 08 05:24:02 pm
There are lots of ways to make money online - but most of
them require a big investment of either time and/or money.

... and that just doesn't work so well for most people.

That's why we were really excited when we learned more about
Project Payday. It doesn't have any of these problems.

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Unlike all of the ridiculous 'Make $1,000 a day' ads you
see all over the Net, Project Payday is the real deal.

* It's super easy and anyone can do it

* You can be up and running in under an hour

* Training Videos walk you through everything

* You can get started today at ZERO COST to you

You won't 'get rich' but 1,000s of people have proven it's
a realistic extra income system for the 'Average Joe'.

We have never seen anything like it before, and I know
you haven't either. This is a totally new strategy for
making realistic extra income online.

Check out the videos on the site and see what you think ...

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1 Sep 08 05:59:37 pm

Please note we do not allow affiliate links on salehoo. And if your posting a Message post it One time and not 11 times across the whole Board. If your post is a good thing for the whole salehoo community I will make it a global sticky.

Thank you

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6 Sep 08 12:31:56 pm
That almost sounds too good to be true anyways. And you know how the saying go on that one.

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6 Sep 08 09:15:59 pm
I totally disagree that Project Payday is a good way to make money. One must complete offers that cost money & if one doesn't remember to cancel them, you are spending more than you are making. Where is the great deal here???

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6 Sep 08 09:17:17 pm

Have to admit, when someone has to spam the forum to make sure they have all the bases covered, I start to get an uneasy feeling real quick.

I noticed that even after jimmy fired a warning shot it was still posted again, so I didn't even bother looking at the link myself.

Mark (fudjj)

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7 Sep 08 03:18:56 pm
Was EsaleConsignment talking about cash gifting or Pyramid/Ponzi scheme?

Either way, those lousy businesses won't last long... There will always be more losers than winners XD. *sigh*

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7 Sep 08 06:26:17 pm
I would like to see the link just out of curiosity


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