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27 Aug 10 04:23:15 pm
Hello everyone, I apollogize for my bad english.

I am a salehoo user since 5-July-2010. I wanted to try this service because I was interested in e-commerce and I think that salehoo offers a good service. However, I think that I am not gonna use this service for some reasons and I would like to get my money back before finishing my trial time.

I've sent an email to salehoo staff.

I post the topic here because I am not really sure if salehoo is going to give me my money back and I would want to hereby state of this fact. My intention is not to create bad feelings or flame. I only want to be completely sure that I will be able to get a money refound. Actually, I think that salehoo is a good service and I encourage you to use it if you can spend time enough to start your own online shopping service.

I apollogize again for my bad english and for the inconvenience that I may caused you.

Carles (Charles or Charly in English language)

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28 Aug 10 10:28:09 pm
Hi Carles,

Nothing wrong with your English, better than my own, and English is my first language : )

It's a shame to see you leave us, but our money back assurance is genuine, and so long as you have sent through your request it will be processed.

The only other thing I would say is that while money may well be tight for you at this point, your membership was a lifetime membership, and while you may feel that you aren't getting quite what you need for the service at this point you may well find it extremely beneficial somewhere later on.

We don't see too many members leave us, but when I do see someone go I can't help think that it's an opportunity wasted for them, as SaleHoo is constantly changing and one of those changes by way of an addition to our services could be just what the member was looking for.

Anyway, good luck with your future ventures : )

Mark (fudjj)

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29 Aug 10 09:26:49 pm
Hi Charles,

With SaleHoo you need not be afraid about your refund. We stand by our guarantee and promise - so you most certainly will receive your money back.

Anyway, I have checked in support and your request has been processed by Satya over the weekend. She has also sent you a confirmation email about it.

Sorry that SaleHoo didn't work out for you and we wish you all the best in the future!


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