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6 Oct 08 03:19:43 pm
I went to to try to source for products but for a lot of them, their minimum orders (especially those from China) are like 1000 - 10000 and above pieces!

I don't get it.....which retailer in the world (besides Walmart and international retail empires) would buy 5000 of a similar product? Does that mean they cater only to the really really big boys?

It's just crazy and I'm starting to think such sites are not for small players like us.

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8 Oct 08 10:41:01 pm
Most manufacturers don't want to get involved with small orders, they are set up to deal with wholesalers, or large chains buying in direct. Having said that, don't take the quoted MOQ as set in stone.

If you are serious, and can buy in a decent volume, contact the supplier and start negotiating, you should be able to move them around some, just depends if it is enough for what you require.

Just remember, the less you buy, the bigger the price you will pay, and that extra cash could be the difference with being competitive or not!

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12 Oct 08 03:22:38 am
Personally myself, if i was manufacturer i would sell in small quantity at low price.But im not a manufacturer.I understand factory needs capital to produce products.I would sell small lots, but have a one time fee of 250.00usd.I would only allow so many people to buy and not turn it into SMC where every persons brother is selling same products.I would use the 250.00 to produce so many products.Allow 5,000 people to join.Which would make 5,000 sales people.Follow what works like SMC.
For instance i use to buy from collections etc.Most their products sell fine.
I use to buy from gerson international you couldnt loose from buying from them.
What ever happened to gerson international?


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