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1 Dec 10 07:34:28 pm
Does anyone know where I can find companies from who I can buy reports about suppliers in China?

I live in China, speak chinese and so on. But I would like to find someone who can professionally give me a report on suppliers of diesel powered AC generators (20 KW).
Which suplliers are good, which has good after sale service, which are the cheapest and so on.

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1 Dec 10 11:25:17 pm
Welcome to SaleHoo Matarazzi,

Sorry but I'm not aware of a place to buy or secure such a list.

I'm sure there are many distributors there in China for the the product you are looking for, I suggest that you use your current location and your ability to converse and understand Chinese to your advantage. You can ask around or have a local Chinese friend help you out.

That's what I used to do, when I was in China - I used to ask my office mates to take me or at least give me instructions of how to get to cheap shopping centers...And I didn't even understand the language that much just enough to get me around and haggle when I went

Seriously speaking, here are things you need to watch our for when dealing with suppliers, Chinese or not -

1. Payment methods - For online transactions, should always use safe payment methods. But if you buy directly from a company there most likely you will enter into a contract of some sort.

2. Contact information - They supplier should be accessible and should provide you with a valid phone number and address. Please note that email addresses ideally should be domain based and not from a free web account.

3. Site age - When looking for suppliers online try to stick to those that have been online for at least 2 years. You can use Link hidden: Login to view to help you with that.

4. Product Brands - Never buy anything branded when in China, except if you are buying Chinese brands. You just can't be too sure about the authenticity. Legitimate suppliers can readily provide supporting documents when required.

5. Before you close a deal try and get to know your supplier a little more. If they permit, try visiting their factory or office. Or exchange emails or phone calls.

Hope this helps :)


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