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26 Sep 17 10:19:51 pm
One of the biggest issues facing new sellers is the amount of time they have available to dedicate to the business. What most don't realize is that this type of business is so research intensive.

Sure, everyone knows that there is the research to find a product to start with, then the research to match that product with a supplier who ticks all your boxes.

So now the hard part is over, all the research is finally done .... right?


Just when you think you've researched enough, now you really have to start researching because you need to constantly monitor the market and your competition.

You can be sure that at least some of your competition are keeping a careful eye on you, looking for ways to steal your sales (at least the smart ones are) The moment you take your eye off the market and relax is the moment your sales drop off and then you are back chasing your tail all over again without having any idea what went wrong when you had it all under control.

Even then you still have more research on monitoring market events such as seasonal and economic trends that can impact your business.

There are lots of boxes you need to tick in this e-commerce business world to give yourself the best chance of success, but this is a research intensive business and that will take up most of your effort in both getting started and in the longer term developing your business. If you don't have the available time to dedicate to that constant research this type of business demands, your chances of building a sustainable business over the long term are very low.

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