Research Lab - are there any guides on how to use it?

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11 Jan 09 03:23:36 am
Is there a good guide on how to use it as I so on the video you can get to the demand for like Yahoo! but I couldn't find it. Is there some sort of special button or is there something I'm doing wrong.

Thanks again.

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11 Jan 09 03:37:12 am
Most seem to like the tool, but I am one that thinks it is useless.

Just because the tool can tell you what is not being sold, it can't tell you what will sell, even though that it what it is designed to do.

It works on a very basic assumption, if there aren't many listings for a product, then it will give you a high percentage as a possibility. That's just not based on any factual data at all, it's based on pure assumption only.

I have always found that people who assume to much with out first knowing for sure usually get burned the quickest, and anyone putting too much credit in such a tool may well be asking for trouble in paradise.

Ok, I've had my two cents worth about it, now it's time for the defenders of such to step up and inform me, for one, how it is supposed to deliver results?

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