Research Labs - how to interpret results?

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1 Jun 13 12:32:33 pm
When using the research lab I have found that one should not look at the total bids unless they narrow the product down. For instance, total bids on on a 256 gb ssd dive are 43,000 + total sellers-6 , percent sold -43ï¼…. But narrow it down as to which ones sold and it tells a different story. Unfortunately it may take days to narrow it down because you only have 10 a day. In the same way, USB flash drives 8GB is 40% sell rate but USB flash drive Lego brick style has a 75% sell rate with only 10 sellers. It is unfortunate that you can only do 10 searches a day, it might be wise to make the software available to the public.

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11 Jun 13 02:57:04 am
That's an interesting finding, JKent. It might be that the number of total bids is a bit ambiguous like that of the data for our median end price since our labs may be picking up results for listing with similar keywords (although I am not 100% sure).

Please be assured that our developers are working something out to increase search limits for everyone :) But for now it is set to 10 to help ensure that everyone gets a turn in using the SaleHoo Research Labs.



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