SaleHoo - am I missing something here?

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9 Feb 10 05:22:04 pm
Maybe I am missing something here. My choice of membership to SaleHoo was based on the representation that this is a wholesale supplier site. On taking a sampling of available product from SaleHoo and comparing them to demand and prices currently on ebay it is obvious that there is nearly zero demand for most of these products and for the few that had bidders, the ebay closing prices were below the prices available on SaleHoo.
The only exception was
Corel Wordperfect Office' which sells for 49.99 on SaleHoo and got a high bid of $68.00 on ebay. A lot of work for a whopping $18.00 profit.
In the case of most electronic devices the high bids were far below the stated 'wholesale prices' on SaleHoo, ie; wii Sport Bundlew/ Sports Games fetched $271.00 on ebay after a Wholesale price of $309.99 on SaleHoo. So it would cost me nearly $40.00 to sell this item. A profit of -$40.00.

Is this a wholesale site based on Obamanomics?

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9 Feb 10 10:09:50 pm
Yes, I think you may well be missing a few things unfortunately AB.

This site is a wholesale supplier site, but as with all wholesale, suppliers can't give you a wholesale price until they know what sized volume you will be ordering in, so the price they display is often the worst case scenario.

The idea being, you have to contact them and talk specifics for them to then offer you a supply price based on those specifics.

Second point, there are not just wholesale suppliers here, there are all sorts of suppliers, Drop Shippers, Liquidators and so on.

The third point which you seem to be over looking is that ebay is a Wholesale market place, not retail. Trying to source products from a wholesaler to then sell in a wholesale market place usually isn't the easiest way of making cash.

Kind of like buying from one wholesaler, then going three doors down and trying to resell the product to another wholesaler and expect to make money.

Wholesale purchasing can work on ebay, but if you are looking at the more sought after items, then you are talking about sellers who buy container loads at a time, even wholesalers themselves.

You either need to be buying in the same sort of volume to have any real hope of competing, or you buy in stock where the market isn't quite as cut throat.

You should also consider that there are plenty of selling avenues apart from ebay, I mean market stalls, independent websites and so on, so just because one supplier may not have prices to compete against those from suppliers on ebay, doesn't mean they aren't good to use for other selling platforms.

I'm not that interested in getting involved with US politics, so I'll leave the Obamanomics question to some one else lol

Mark (fudjj)

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9 Feb 10 11:08:23 pm
Hi angel***baby,

fudjj has made most of the important points quite clear for you. Just have a bit to add to it, electronics is actually one of the most competitive markets online. The electronics industry has always run on very low margins from wholesalers to end users and marketplaces like eBay have only tightened the margins even further.

Most electronics sell at the wholesale price or below wholesale on eBay. That's how intense the competition is - its not quite what most people think it is.

Maybe you could shift your focus a little by selling other products, those that most people use on a daily basis, you won't just get a high demand but a lower capital as well.

If you need help with anything do feel free to post here, PM us (staff) or send us an email at Link hidden: Login to view



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10 Feb 10 11:56:14 pm
What can I sell on ebay australia, that is high demand and popular. non electronic. seems electronic is my field, but very high competition?

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16 Feb 10 06:03:26 am
Hi again raraz,

You can try visiting eBay (Australia) Pulse at Link hidden: Login to view to see the most popular searches. Currently, the top 10 are:
1. wii
2. shoes
3. iphone
4. wii games
5. country road
6. mobile phones
7. laptop
8. furniture
9. outdoor furniture
10. boats

You can also try a completed listings search for products or brand names to see the conversion rate and average selling price. - To do a completed listings search, simply click the Advanced Search button next to the main eBay search box. Enter your search keywords as usual, and then check the Completed Listings box. Hit search and you'll see historical data for the previous 30 days. Successful items are in green; unsuccessful items are in red.

Hope this helps. :)


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2 Mar 10 02:49:50 am
LOL I liked when you said 'whopping $18.00'.

You are right, by the time you get through the whopping ebay fees, then you have to deal with paypal fees, then shipping may lose profit at the end.

It is best to try and see if you can sell something that offers a better profit margin. Alot of people are far down the chain of suppliers buying from suppliers and so on so by the time you come along there is little profit. There are some people high up on the totem pole that can offer VERY competitive prices but you also have to make sure they are not scammers or selling cheap replicas or something like that.

If you do find someone, best to order 1 at first to test quality before you order more.

Hi, if you are in the market for wholesale electronics to sell at places like ebay and other portals and you are wanting a good profit margin to compete with other sellers then contact me at I can get apple 5, I can get all kinds of cellphones (htc, nokia, sony, and more). I can also get all kinds of cameras like canon, tablets, macbook air, macbook pro. I only deal serious business to business and do not sell retail minimum order depends on quantity of order and can be as low as 3 units. I accept secure payments through google checkout.

So if you currently sell electronics or wanting to start your own business and looking for product then send me an email at and I will reply with price list and terms.

Have a good night.....


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