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1 Oct 10 05:48:09 pm
Just wanted to share my experience with and see what I am doing wrong...

I have recently joined the salehoo directory, as I was signing up I checked the box to purchase the "Detective" software - I see the charge on my CC but I still don't see a trace of the Software or any links to access the tool.

I expected to see an extensive lists, parameters and data on the wholesalers - instead I find "google-like" links with nothing more then basic information and a link to the supplier that I could have found anyway.

So I am feeling a bit let-down, to me it seems like this is a site that combines google and forum board - both of which are free and in abundance.

So what am I doing wrong?

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2 Oct 10 09:08:30 pm
Hi bpotux,

My first questions when reading your post were, "Have you gone through the entire list of FAQs in the Help & Support Center?" "Have you gone through any of the articles on the Education page?" "Have you read the New User's Manual?" "Have you emailed Salehoo for assistance?"

I'm assuming that you're referring to Auction Inspector when you say "Detective software", in which case it will appear on your Products list if you indeed purchased it.

After logging into the Salehoo website, click on "Members Home", and the "Products" link will appear beneath it, for you to see what products you purchased with your membership. In my case, Auction Inspector is the last one on my list of products, so you may need to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the Products page to find it.

As far as your expectations are concerned regarding the suppliers listed in the Salehoo directory, again, I wonder if perhaps you weren't looking closely enough and/or had unrealistic expectations.

Whether you do a keyword search for a particular supplier or product, or you just start browsing through the categories and lists of suppliers, you'll find much, much more than "Google-like" links and basic information you could have found anyway.

First, many/most of the suppliers listed have a star rating next to them, as well as reviews you can read regarding them.

And if you click on "More Information", you'll be taken to the supplier's entire record on Salehoo, which not only includes their website address and general information, but any and all reviews written about them, their contact information, their supplier type, shipping methods, and international policies, whether or not they require a reseller's license and/or tax id, and their minimum order requirements (if any).

I don't know about you, but I've never seen all of that information on a Google search results page.....

Beyond that, I'm not sure what you mean about wanting to see "extensive lists, parameters and data" on the wholesalers. Lists of what, exactly? If it's lists of products, those will be on the supplier's website.

And what do you mean by "parameters and data"? What are the parameters you want to know? And what type of data do you want to see?

Personally, I have never seen statistics and data regarding a particular supplier anywhere on any supplier directory I've ever visited (and I've visited HUNDREDS of them).

If you want to find data regarding the viability of certain products, I recommend that you subscribe to a good market research tool like

I hope that helps!

Erika Garnica
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2 Oct 10 09:18:48 pm
Hi bpotux and welcome to SaleHoo,

Erica has covered your inquiry in great detail, however I would like to ad that just because you may find a link in our directory that you could find on Google itself, finding it on Google doesn't assure you that they are safe to trade with, where as all of the suppliers in the SaleHoo directory have been verified by SaleHoo staff to ensure our members have safe trading partners to do business with.

The net if full of scam sites and anyone can loose their money by finding them on Google!

In regards to your expectations, I'm unsure as to what exactly you were expecting, but I also suggest that you contact the support team at and they will be very happy to assist in any way they can.

Mark (fudjj)

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3 Oct 10 10:30:36 pm
Hi and welcome to the site bpotux,

I agree you can search for suppliers just by googling them but like fudjj said you have no guarantee of their trustworthiness as a supplier when you do. Unlike on our site we have done the extra/preliminary work of screening out the good ones from the scam sites :)

I would encourage you to explore the site more before you let your frustration set in - who knows our site might be the one you need. If you need any help please don't hesitate to contact us!

Hope to see more of you on the forum ( and hopefully with a profile picture too!)



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4 Oct 10 12:54:33 am
Hi bpotux,

Let me add that more than being a forum, ours is highly monitored and you will not be flooded with supplier suggestions by just anyone who would like to lead you to their sites.

There is also a verified person behind each of us here at the forum, such that the expert advice you will receive will be coming from, for example, a genuine eBay Powerseller as we claim the person to be.

We encourage you to explore the SaleHoo forum and see the quality of information being shared by our members - fudjj, planes, grace and erika, among others. You will realize that we are sincere in providing you the best service that we can.

Send us a message anytime at or post your queries here and we'll be very happy to assist you.



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