SaleHoo membership - is it worth it?

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1 Jun 13 12:48:17 am
Hello! It's been months since I joined Salehoo and I still lack my first sale. I'm wondering if it is really worth the trouble. Wondering if I should stop it all. Wasn't what I had pictured...

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2 Jun 13 01:04:38 am
That's pretty common. Work on selling low priced items. Even stuff you might lose a couple of dollars on. Just get a selling record and get some feedback. You have to look at it from the buyers perspective. People are not always willing to drop even $25 on a no feedback seller.

If you're at six months and your not selling anything, you have to look at what you're doing. If you have some sports cards laying around put them up for a penny auction with free shipping. Not to many, maybe 2 or 3. EBay doesn't like too many penny auctions free shipping. Then find some things around the house or at a garage sale. List those.

Let your account age for 6 months before you start selling much over $50,$60. You're allowed 2 accounts per Paypal account so get another account started and do the same with that one.

Also, Try to post to your eBay limit. If you're limit is 10/1000 get ten items up for sale in each account and remember to list items under $10.

EBay isn't like it used to be. You have to build trust and a selling history.


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