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8 Apr 07 04:17:11 pm
I realise there are no guarantees in life, but if Salehoo recommends a wholesaler/company etc. (as it does all the time on the forum whenever someone posts a 'desperately seeking....' notice) does that mean the recommended/suggested company has been checked out and does do what it says on the packet: sells authentic clothing when it says it does, offers secure/safe payment etc bascially NOT A SCAMMER?

Would appreciate an answer from Jimmy or any of the other Salehoo admin on this. Simply because some of the items I'm searching for, the questions have already been asked about particular suppliers and I want to know how realiable these suppliers are.


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8 Apr 07 10:43:25 pm
The places we recommend Are places that we know have had transactions with other members or are well known internet companies.

Almost all companies on our list were checked out when they were added. But as times go on we have to keep up on these suppliers.

We are currently working on updating our reviews of these suppliers including also doing some background checks on these suppliers. And checking known scam alert sites for any possible bad reviews on them. If there are any questionable reasons that cant be explained away as general business problems. We flagg those sites for removal from our lists.

Although we DO NOT and CAN NOT Guarantee that all our suppliers are practicing fair trade and producing only highly authentic products. We are doing the best we can to screen them.

If any member has a bad experience with a supplier we have the NAME THEM SHAME THEM section of the forums so they can keep us updated.

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9 Apr 07 09:19:12 pm
I like what Jimmy stated. I have also had suppliers give mixed results. I have bought products from one supplier and when I got out of that field I gave my source away to a good friend. My friend made several good dealts with that supplier at first. Than around the 5th transaction the supplier ripped him off. I am sure this happens all the time. Sooner or later things happen and we don't always know why. Like food. Might taste good to one person and not the other. Suppliers will often do the same. Treat one well and than rip off the other at the same time.


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