SaleHoo suppliers with no reviews - can I trust them?

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7 Aug 10 04:00:16 am
Hi, i'm new to salehoo and i'm wondering how do u rate a supplier if they dont have any reviews from other members?


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9 Aug 10 12:31:20 am
Hi again Michelle :-)!

Just review and rate them based on your personal experience transacting with them. Any additional information you could share about the company would be a great help to other members who wishes to buy from them but is wary because of lack of feed backs for the company.


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9 Aug 10 09:24:18 pm
Hi Marilou,

What i meant was; if you're interested in a supplier but you can see they have no reviews/feedback from other salehoo members how would i know if they're a trustworthy supplier without seeing any previous feedback?



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9 Aug 10 10:43:25 pm
Hi Michelle,

No worries, not having any review doesn't mean a supplier is unworthy. Although it may be impossible for us to mandate everyone to leave a review, you will notice that we highly encourage this practice and suggest everyone to do so once they have made contact with or purchased from any of the suppliers that we have recommended. It is possible to see unreviewed suppliers who may already have had transactions with other SaleHoo members. =)

We also take a number of steps to ensure that suppliers meet our rigorous standards before they are added to the database.

* All our wholesalers must meet minimum standards of service. Most notably, we insist that suppliers provide secure payment methods so that in the unlikely event of something going wrong, members can always get their money back.

* We make anonymous purchases from all our suppliers and then rate them on price, speed, quality and service.

* Our three-tiered review system means that you don't only get our opinion on a supplier - you also get ratings from other SaleHoo members and independent eBay powersellers! You don't need to take just our word for it... find out what everyone else is saying, and judge for yourself.

* If a supplier receives a poor review, we keep both the supplier and the review in our database to alert other members. We believe that knowing who you can't trust is as important as knowing who you can.

Have a nice day Michelle! Let us know should you need help with anything else. =)


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10 Aug 10 12:06:45 am
Hi and welcome to the site, Michelle!

To add, you can also try and search the SaleHoo forum for the supplier's website/company name to see what other members have to say or use other forums if you like. Googling supplier+forum may bring up a few leads.

All the best!

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10 Aug 10 04:27:08 am
Nice to have you here with us, Michelle :)

Also, please note that the reviews are voluntarily given our members. Although we encourage that everyone leaves one we cannot oblige them to.

Your membership affords you a list of verified suppliers, like Irene mentioned we do have certain requirements that suppliers need to comply with so they can be added, plus we make certain that we make contact with these suppliers prior to adding them to the directory.

One important requirement is that a supplier must offer safe payment methods - like PayPal and credit cards, so that a chargeback can readily be made in case the deal goes sour.

If you are unsure about a supplier please feel free to let us know and we can run a background check for you.


PS - You might want to add a photo to your profile. :)


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