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9 Sep 07 03:12:32 am
I just purchased my membership to salehoo. One reson was because of the examples on the add. Specifically the 10.4 digital frames. Many/most of the wholesalers listed here do not post their prices. Why is that? I joined to make the search easier. Now it seems I am going to have to contact (and often sign up for a login) with multiple manufacturers to get prices. If you have any input I am looking for a good contact on Digital frames to reseel on ebay.

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9 Sep 07 06:19:35 pm
Hi. Most all true wholesalers will require you to open an account with them. There are several reasons why they do this. Most often the main reason is that they have sales reps to handle their customers.. Once you set up an account they will assign you a customer rep..This is the main person that you will be dealing with when you start buying items from them..Too, the sales rep has a bit of leeway as to what type of price he will give you on the specific item that you are buying...Often if you deal with them they will give you a better price than to someone who is just buying one time..

Most of the time some will have prices listed on their site, but you never want to order at those prices. Those are basically just a basic wholesale price. To see the real prices you need to open an account and normally you will be given a password and login, then you will see the main wholesale prices..Again you still won't want to buy at these prices..A person who is buying 1000 digital frames is going to get a better price than a person who is just buying 10 digital frames..That is where your sales rep comes in. You try and work with him/her to get the best deal available you what and how you are going to sell..

Too, never pay a fee to buy from any wholesaler. If you see that they are asking for some type of fee to join before they show you their prices, then they are most likely just another middleman posing to be wholesalers...

In addition, keep in mind that ebay is a 'below wholesale market'.. Most of the people you see selling on that site are buying in huge quanities and using just a very small markup per item...Most of these sellers are buying truck loads of goods at one time for pennies on the dollar and then listing hundreds of item per day/week. Since they are selling so many items at one time the only need to make a dollar or two per item to turn a handsome profit overall...

You might want to look at buying liquidations, closeouts, surplus items, in 'lots' so that you can compete in that market if you plan selling on ebay...Try and, sites of that nature where you can get a price that is way below wholesale...

Don't forget to check the chinese companies who sell 'off-brand' electronics. You can get some very good prices from them...But be sure and check with us on here before you actually purchase so we can check and be sure it's a legit site..You will want to be sure and buy from a site that uses a secure type of payment such as a credit card, paypal and things like that..Never buy from a company that solely accepts western union, bank transfers and things like that...

You might want to try dhgate and rightwholesale and see what they have in the digital frame. :wink: line... :wink:


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