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5 Jun 17 10:10:25 pm

I am brand new to e-commerce. I am looking to source products to drop ship on Amazon. I've been using the "Discover products" tool to find a low competition product and niche. The tools returns several results that look pretty promising, but upon trying to search for these products on the suggested wholesalers' websites, they are no where to be found. I am trying to determine if the suggestions populated by the tool are just general product suggestions, or are they actual specific product ideas. If so, would I have to search all possible vendor websites one by one based on general product categories? Is there a simpler and quicker way to find these products?

Thanks in advance!


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5 Jun 17 11:28:16 pm
Hi Chris,

The Market Research Lab is designed to give you ideas on profitable products selling items right now on eBay, Amazon, and other marketplaces. However, be advised that not all of the products in the Lab can be found in the directory or are carried by our suppliers (we are improving this daily of course).

If one of the potential suppliers doesn’t stock a product you were after there are two options…

1. Search directly in the directory Link hidden: Login to view for the product
2. Reach out to our support team (Link hidden: Login to view) and we can do a custom search for you.

Hopefully this helps :)


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6 Jun 17 12:38:29 am

Thank you so much for the response. The info was very helpful.

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6 Jun 17 12:44:37 am

I'm having the same issue and when i go to amazon to look for the item is listed a lot cheaper than the lab says.

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6 Jun 17 03:22:52 am
Just to clarify, you should be speaking to suppliers regarding price, not searching for prices in the lab itself. It's just a reference tool to identify products.

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