Selling brand name products - do you need a license to sell?

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27 Apr 11 01:17:51 pm
Hi guys

Am curious about this question..

I understand that I will probably need reseller license to sell branded products like Apple, Gucci and etc..

And I know some of the dropshippers or wholesalers that I found here sells those branded stuff I mentioned above, but the thing is do I still need to apply for a reseller license from the respective brands if I get the stocks through those dropshippers and wholesalers?


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27 Apr 11 09:25:42 pm
Hi Johnson,

Another member asked this question some time ago, but I cannot seem to find that particular thread.

Anyway, to answer your question - No you don't need to get your own license to resell the brand name products you mentioned. BUT you have to be sure that your supplier is a licensed distributor of that particular brand and that they are truly authentic in every way :)

Hope this helps, cheers :)


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27 Apr 11 10:19:27 pm
Richelle's point is very well made, although you do not need a licence to sell authentic licensed products from a licensed supplier, the duty of care to ensure you are selling branded products is on you completely.

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28 Apr 11 12:37:35 am
Just want to share the thread that Richelle was referring to - Link hidden: Login to view




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