Selling from the UK - how do I make a profit?

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3 Jul 06 12:47:55 pm
Hi my name is Steve and as you can probably guess I live in the UK. I am trying to start my own business but everything I find to sell on e-bay is selling for roughly the same price as what I will pay with a wholesaler, so how will I ever make profit?. I might as well put my customers in contact with the companys I buy from. Someone please help me?.

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3 Jul 06 03:48:42 pm
You just have to keep searching. You will be able to pay less if you buy more as well.

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3 Jul 06 04:48:13 pm
I'm having much the same problem. I made more money selling my husband's old camera lenses and my daughter's 'gently used' Coach bags than the potential profit that most of the wholesalers offer.
Finding a specialty such as estate sales seems to be the key. And even there, isn't everyone else looking for just as much of a bargain as you are?
Can't figure it out.


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