Selling hockey equipment as an unauthorized dealer

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9 Aug 10 05:54:45 am
Hi, I am new to SaleHoo. I would like to sell ice hockey equipment online. However, when I called one of the manufacturer's local reps, I was told that they could not sell their products because they only work with dealers who have a physical store. He said I would not be able to sell their product.

But what I want to know is that if the manufacture wont sell the equipment to me directly, can't I still sell ice hockey equipment from this manufacture through that same manufacture's authorized distributors? Is this legal and how do the manufacturer's feel about this? Secondly, would I have any of the same problems in terms of not being "authorized" when trying to buy from the authorized distributor? Thank you so much in advance. Its nice to know that there is actually a forum where I can ask these questions :)

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9 Aug 10 07:08:54 am
Hi jimmy05,

Welcome to SaleHoo. Sorry I have not been able to reply to your PM, I'll just reply through here if you don't mind.

Yes, there are some manufacturers and/or wholesalers that prefer to sell only to those with a brick and mortar store, which may seem unfortunate to us who sell solely online.

So long as you are getting your products from an authorized distributor and that the items are indeed authentic then you need not be an authorized distributor yourself. Of course you will not be in any trouble :)

I did a search before but I came up with only one wholesaler. I'll try running another one tomorrow and I'll let you know what I find.

Talk to you then!


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9 Aug 10 07:20:10 am
Hi Richelle,

Thank you for your reply. I really appreciate it and I look forward to receiving your list of wholesalers/distributors! Take care.




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