Silly buyers

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3 Jul 13 05:52:52 am
WHY wont buyers read ebay listings???? So often I see neg or neutral feedback left by a buyer who hasn't read the listing description properly...or at all!!

For example, if the dimensions of the item I'm selling are CLEARLY defined in the FIRST line of the description, why would I receive a neutral feedback saying "size of item would have been helpful...." like I'M the dumbass???

It would have been tempting to reply with "'re an idiot", but I won't.

Gee some buyers are silly. Rant over

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3 Jul 13 05:56:56 am
**When I say I often see that type of feedback I mean on other sellers accounts.
This is the first such neutral I've gotten, I've sold close to 100 of these and as I said the size is clearly defined in the listing so I think i've got its description pretty accurate.

I don't care about the grey dot or anything, just worried about the state of the human race when some of us can't even take responsibility for our own illiteracy. lol

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4 Jul 13 02:58:19 am
Hello Ben,

Its amusing how you stated your concern for state of humanity ;)

But kidding aside, you're not the only seller out there ranting about this fairly small and simple issue. It's annoying when it happens but it does!

Just in case you run into other headache causing customers, this guide might come in handy - Link hidden: Login to view.

Hope you don't get another one anytime soon! :)


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