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28 Apr 10 11:18:14 pm
If you are considering using Social Networking sites as part of your overall marketing strategy, you might want to check out Link hidden: Login to view

Now they've been around for a couple of years, but I'm only in the process of learning a bit about this company myself now, so I can't recommend the products they offer. However on the face of it, and from what I have managed to learn about them so far, they offer a very interesting range of products based around bringing traffic to your Social Networking efforts.

I was made aware of them through a local TV news story a few days ago. I actually contacted and spoke with the producer of the story itself a few days after it ran, and inquired as to how deep their research went.

Typical fluff story, basically a leader from a newspaper story on the company as it turns out, however the switchboard hadn't gone into meltdown with people screaming about being taken for a ride by the company in the preceding days after the story aired, and the producer wasn't aware of any serious negative publicity out there, so it's a good start.

One of the key questions is just how targeted that traffic actually is, and I'm in the process of trying to confirm that with them.

Anyway, drop by and take a look for yourself, and drop in a post if anyone does have any experience with this company, or any information at all. That would be much appreciated.

Mark (fudjj)

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21 May 10 07:45:12 am
Actually, when you are a new company and your budget have been depleted. You may want to take your own penny by penny route.

1.) Poor Man SEO
2.) Build 3 or more websites
3.) Email all your friends
4.) Join social networks -Linkedin
5.) Google Adsense = Attach to all websites and start writing an article on the 3 websites you have created.
6.) Go to freelance website and asks the freelance members for advice on your project.
7.) Start an Amazon Account and buy and sell on this account and keep all information visible and add the website and email to all orders.
Whatever way you like you may use this as a way to help produce traffic.
I used this way to help build my traffic.

Any more techniques Contact Me

E. E. Richcreek
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11 Nov 10 10:50:42 pm
Very practical and affordable tips there, kieshag :) But when done the right way (everything you listed) will surely bring in the traffic you need.

I also read about your tip #7 and according to my source (which I can't quite recall at the moment) this is a very effective way to get traffic flow. Some even just open an Amazon account and do free product reviews of similar items that they have listed on eBay to drive traffic to their own listings!

Here's a social media marketing success checklist to help us make sure that we are doing the right things to optimize the traffic flow that social media has to offer -

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Enjoy! Cheers :)


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