Somebody's out to get me

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14 Aug 08 08:05:36 pm
Have you guys ever experienced this? Somebody is contacting my buyers and telling them I'm selling refurbished ipod as new. I have reported this to ebay but until I get a buyer to forward me a copy of this letter, ebay can do nothing. Wow! The things people do to discredit you. i only have 2 negative feedback, both from buyers I charged restocking fee. I am pretty sure it not one of them because those two negs were over a year ago. So, someone does not like me on ebay.

Wish me luck

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15 Aug 08 02:35:19 am
Do you have any direct competitors you know of for a certain product

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15 Aug 08 03:31:10 am
I have no idea. I think that it is someone who is either jealous or someone who wants to lessen the competition. This is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard experienced. For someone to actually seek out my buyers, means that they have it in for me. Oh well, it comes with the territory because ebay is a jungle and it's dog-eat-dog out there.

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15 Aug 08 04:06:42 am
I would be making a note of what is happening to the buyer, just to try and head of any drama at this stage.

If they know what's coming, they might do you the favour and froward you the email address when they get it.

Mark (fudjj)

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16 Aug 08 10:44:16 am
fight fire with fire. I would send a e-mail to all buyers in last 30 days
alerting them what is going on. Also maybe ask for feedback on their purchase. how was shipping, was product received in good order, etc.
You may be surprised the amount of good will and repeat sales this could do.


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