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28 Jul 07 04:17:09 pm
My wife and I are new to the internet sales game.. We've been doing our research up to this point and have not tried to sale anything as of yet. We have a couple of questions we're hoping the forum could help with.

1.. We started in this with the hope of dropshipping, After much product research it doesn't appear to be profitable based on prices already selling on ebay. Your thoughts?
2. We're not opposed to buying in bulk from sites the liquidate merchadise. Is this the most profitable way and what are the pitfalls?
3..I've visited a bunch of ebay stores that look really good. Their product descriptions are very informative. How do they describe the product and specs to tee when they sell so many different products ?

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28 Jul 07 08:01:04 pm
Yes it is true the closeouts and liquidations is the way to go if you want to generate the most profits per item. Because your basically buying products for a very small percentage of its wholesale value. Or 60-90 Percent off of retail.

The Benifits:
Very low prices per item. Maximum profits per sale. Stock on hand and no dropshippers to deal with running out of the items you sell.

The Pitfalls: With most large lots there is a chance that a percentage of the lost are damaged items. Especially if you buy store retuns. You can get these lots generally much cheaper but you should always test, and inspect the items to make sure they are not damaged. If it is an electronics item you can still sell this as a damaged item and you can still get plenty of buyers willing to buy the said item.

If you buy in liquidations you have to be carefull what you buy. Some companies cherry pick thier lots and sell you alot of damaged products and sell thier good stuff on ebay. You must carefully research the lots and ask plenty of questions before buying. Do a little research on the liquidators as well. Carefull research will help you to buy the best lots possible for resale.

Most stores that sell in liquidated stock get thier descriptions by doing google searches and getting descriptions just by simple searching. Just make sure to use your own pictures to make sure your not violating any ebay rules. :D

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30 Jul 07 05:55:08 pm
Just give an opinion.

Now many ebay sellers are earning by the shipping cost, not the marked price.

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31 Jul 07 02:35:44 am
Yes this is true. However some are taking it a bit too far and are getting banned for trying to avoid ebay fees.

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31 Jul 07 02:51:26 am
I recently had a listing taken down from ebay for listing an item for $1.99 for Buy it Now and $9.99 for shipping. They said that I needed to list it as an auction because of the shipping price.

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31 Jul 07 02:11:31 pm
Yes eBay catches on quick if the shipping is higher than your buy it now price you'll more than likely get removed.

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31 Jul 07 04:31:17 pm
I know that Ubid is doing that also.

I listed and item MP4 player at 10.00
and shipping of 29.00 and Ubid removed it
because they said the max on this item
was 18.95....So they are watching the
shipping on some items not all of them
but some. Be careful with Ubid because
they don't have a lot of traffic and you
list an item for a buck you'll end up selling
it for a buck. They have NO RESERVE.

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