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23 Jun 12 01:28:49 pm
Hello All,

With SaleHoo's blessing, I got hold of more dropshippers with loads of products, and so the problem of inventory management has arisen.

I used to sell on Amazon and they kicked me out mostly because, i was not doing daily updates of inventory. Customers would order stuff and when I went to my drop-shipper, it was out of stock. So obviously, I had to cancel order and Amazon did not like too many cancelled order. I was booted out lol.

I want to start again with Amazon and other sites like etc and I am not limited to one category of products. Therefore, I have CSV's from many dropshippers.

Now for example Amazon, I could integrate all the CSV into one file and upload it.

But that's like a full day job for me and different sites have different types of format in excel. For example, wants SKU column first and category column third. Amazon would want different stuff in different columns. So I was wondering if anyone has experience or faced similar problem.

Hope I am not confusing you. Let me sum it up.

I buy from different dropshippers, they send me the inventory which is 1000's of products.

I want to sell on various platforms from Amazon, eBay to etc

So I think a software which could take in daily inventory files and output the correct files for amazon, eBay etc.

Then every morning, I can just upload the inventory.

Thanks all for reading my post and replying. I really appreciate it.


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23 Jun 12 06:31:10 pm
Kind of a rough solution,but you could always just download the file (call it inventory.csv forexample.) Open it with a spreadsheet, move the columns as needed,save as inventory-amazon.csv Repeat for other suppliers.


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