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21 Aug 11 10:27:07 pm
I was clicking through suppliers and noticed Link hidden: Login to view profile page. I was very suprised by the most recent review, which consisted of the reviewer asking them if they drop shipped, being told no, and so giving them the lowest possible rating.

That's just ridiculous -- it's not even a review, it's a blind critique of a business who doesn't provide the service for which the reviewer was looking (and who does not advertise otherwise.) I mean, you might as well go give 3/4 of the companies in the directory one star, since the majority do not drop ship.

Seriously, you guys should consider screening reviews for veracity and relevance. I don't know if that's a prevalent problem, but members who are scanning over the review summaries might well avoid certain supplies for spurious reviews, or even worse be taken in by bad suppliers based on fluff reviews from people who are just acting as shills.


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21 Aug 11 11:09:17 pm
Very valid point Frank, and thanks for highlighting it. I've passed on your comment to the head of support who is actually taking a close look at the issue now.


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21 Aug 11 11:45:56 pm
Hi Frank,

Thanks for pointing this out. I totally agree with you and I apologize, but yes, you might find a few other reviews like this. But rest assured that we have already updated the components of our supplier review acceptance criteria and I'll be sure to check old reviews to make sure they are relevant and fair.

If you happen to see more, I'd be grateful if you could alert me to it. Thanks!


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