Taxes when selling from Germany to USA

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27 Jun 17 12:06:48 pm
I'm currently based in Germany and would like to create an online store. My question is, what rules do apply to me if I'd like to sell in the US?
I would like some info about taxation and regulations, and if possible some advice on which market to focus on ( Europe or North America ) .
Any help is kindly appreciated, thank you in advance.

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27 Jun 17 09:34:13 pm
Hi Alex and welcome to the forum,

No matter where you sell products in the world, your tax obligations always remain in the country where you pay your tax. So you would be under German taxation regulations for your business, no matter if you are selling in the US market or not.

Outside of the taxation and business compliance regulations of Germany, there are no other rules that would concern you.

In regards to the best market, that's something I can't advise on because it can come down to many different factors. Why not try both markets and see which one serves you best?


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3 Jul 17 08:01:30 am
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