Thank you SaleHoo for the inspiration =]

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14 Jul 08 04:14:42 pm
Thanks Sale Hoo ! for giving me the inspiration and ideas to keep my business going! =] Even though my paypal dispute is stilll going on for the 3000 dollars *Stupid chinese scammers :x * I managed to get my hands on some suppliers, while I was on vacation to Toronto, found my self, liquidation accessories wholesale, and also console wholesale. I just sold out the last of my 20 Xbox 360 Consoles, first 2 weeks so far so good, cleared out all debts such as ebay and paypal, and earned i guess like... 350? XD Its okay I guess, because i had to pay for alot, that i had in debt, Like, the first scam i had on my self, i had to pay some of my profits, and everything, if not I wouldve had 750 in 2 weeks. But, I guess thats good enoguh for a kid my age =]. I feel lucky because I just sold the last of my 360 right before, the price drop and release of the xbox 360 60gb. Very lucky. Now moving on to some psp slims. I guess local whole sales always rock =]. I can hook people up, with wholesale xbox 360s with guaranteed warranty, but like i said, if u want cheap... your going to need to buy large quantities or establish a friendship with the supplier, thats what I did at least, so if anyone of you guys are interested in wholesale 360's just give me a quantity, and I will give u a price, here are soem moq prices.

5 xbox 360's - 210/unit
10 xbox 360's - 200/unit
15- 20 - 190/unit

There are lots instock. Here is also their website link if anyone needs it =]

they should be aable to answer your questions and in quiries.

*Note this is not a scam, this is only my gratitude of saying thanks =]
This is one of my suppliers =]

They are very trustworthy, and good services, and offer warranty =]

But ya, if you guys have trouble trusting them, you can contact me, And ill probably post a sale for that many consoles uw ant, on buy it ow, so that u can buy it on ebay, so that u can establish some evidence, just to establish some trust between you and me =]. So far I sold QUITE a bit, And i guess i could manage to redeem the 3000 by earning it =].


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17 Jul 08 05:30:23 am
Nice job!!!!!!!!!!! :D

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17 Jul 08 06:28:47 pm

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7 Dec 08 06:40:14 am
Hey alex

Do they only have what is currently on their website? And do they only deal with refurbished items? I am looking for a quote for 500 - 1000 units of the PSP, preferably the PSP 2000 Core Piano Black system.

Do you think they can locate that for me anytime soon?

Thank you

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7 Dec 08 07:31:41 pm
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We have plenty of emails and pictures to show anyone that wants to do business with this company. We got a manifest of products to purchase and Liquidation Links sent us all broken items and half of the things that were not in the manifest they provided us with. They blamed everyone, including the trucking company, but themselves. They maliciously and knowingly sent us items that were cherry picked, old and broken. It has been nothing but a waste of money and time with them and my partner and I will be flying to Canada to press charges against them. Here are some of our correspondence with them:

To: Link hidden: Login to view
Sent: Tuesday, October 21, 2008 1:32 PM
Subject: Re: Fw:


The freight company has nothing to do with this. They couldn't go through each box and remove the battery packs of Xbox 360 and remove the hard drives. The shipment is completely wrong and everything is broken. We need our money wired back asap and we will ship your items back to you. Do the honorable thing and refund us our money back. This is what we have gotten:

56 Xbox (Some of them extremely old)
43 PS2 + 1 box that we didn't go through (since it is a mess with no boxes and cables all over the place)
58 Game Boy (Very Old and broke)
57 DS-R's??? (Old, Old, Old units)
12 Game Cube and 1 box (1 box unopened, but all a mess and broken)
12 PS3 (broken, 20GB, 60GB - NOT PART OF THE MANIFEST as many other items listed here)
24 Xbox 360 (in the boxes without battery packs, hard drives, headsets.... ALL BROKEN)
23 Xbox 360 (without anything, just the consoles BROKEN)
9 Rockband (a complete mess and broken - v4 and v6 is witting in the box)

Now knowing what we got, wire our money back immediately and we will ship all items back to you. We want this to be taken care of today. We have already wasted plenty of time dealing with this mess.


Mark Balelo
Mike Lefton

In a message dated 10/21/2008 10:10:15 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time, Link hidden: Login to view writes:

Begin forwarded message:

From: 'Liquidationlinks Inc.'
Date: October 21, 2008 10:06:46 AM PDT
To: Mike Lefton
Subject: Re: Fw:

Mike How many total units were in this lot do you have a breakdown? maybe I can take it up with the freight company

Thanks AL Liquidationlinks Inc.

They scammed people and will give false information. Anyone is welcome to contact us at 1-877-358-2747 to get more information about Liquidation Links.

The emails goes on and on. We offer to pay for the shipments and sent their junk back and they start to ignore our calls and now don't even respond to our emails. I will do whatever it takes to make other companies aware so things like this don't happen to them.

Los Angeles, California

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8 Dec 08 06:33:12 am
That's why you never wire money to a company without doing significant due diligence. Or can confirm a history of fair dealings.

I highly suggest going to the company and watch exactly what is put into your boxes or demand an inspection before turning over money.

To me its worth the cost of a plane ticket and a couple of nights at a hotel.

And if a company is not willing to let you inspect contents before turning over money to them-run away.

You can tell a lot about someone by meeting them face to face. Even a ruthless liar can be found out because what they say doesn't add up or something doesn't seem right.

Think about it. If you were running a legit company and someone on first purchase wanted to come inspect your business and contents, if you were on the up and up, you would say sure.

People on this forum need to wise-up! You can't do everything from your armchair. Jimmy is probably the only one I would by something of high value from without visiting because he is constantly put to the test on this and other forums. Plus my test purchase turned out ok.


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