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The truth about legit suppliers

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17 Apr 08 11:43:01 am
The reason people have so much difficulty in finding genuine suppliers is that the supplier do not want to deal with small orders from businesses that are not reasonably large scale. Legitimate suppliers don't use search engines such as google to advertise there business.Suppliers that do advertise in these search engines are usually scams or middleman that will only try and steal your profit.If you want to find a supplier you have to do extensive research and stay positive.I am only very new to this wholesale thing so please fill me in if you think I am jumping to conclusions.

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22 Apr 08 03:55:57 am
No Charles your not jumping to concuusions you speek the truth and if they were to advertise on search engines it would put places like Wal-mart and such out of business. Because you would never have to go shopping at these big stores agian so this is what the supplier does, they offer dropship websites to sell to the public a little lower then retail and call it wholesale but when you pay for there sevices and shipping you find your self paying about or over retail price. It has gotten crazy out there and it gets hard to sell the same products that 1,000s of other sellers are selling.

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22 Apr 08 08:51:23 pm
If you need to find true wholesalers you should be checking the B2B sites (business to business). This is where you will find real wholesalers and not just middlemen claiming to be wholesalers..Also don't overlook the 'yellow pages'. This is another place that real wholesalers can be found...

Check sites like Global B2B : Link hidden: Login to view

Also you should really be looking at liquidators as you can litterally get high quality items for pennies on the dollar...

check out sites like: Link hidden: Login to view . This is a high quality liquidation site that does not 'cherry pick' their small lots and pallets...You can get small starter packs for as little as $99.00 that will resell for $300-$400 and higher..Really excellent profits for someone who is just starting out...

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