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2 Sep 06 08:14:47 pm
If the moderators feel that this is not suppose to be here please delete it and give me a warning. Thanks.

On ebay I bought this guarantee win money gambling strategy, which I tested and also a waste of time because I lost all $230 they gave me. This site will give you $30 for signing up under someone that refers you. They will give you $200 for depositing $200 making a total of $430.

Here is the TIP:
DON'T GAMBLE if you don't want to. What you can do is withdraw all $430 right away. The money will take about a week for them to wire the money into your bank account. I tested this out at my own risk because I got the $200 wired back into my bank account. When your money gets into your bank you have an extra $230, which you can help start your business.

Go to Link hidden: Login to view, which I also tested and works. What you can start off is buy motorola h700 headsets from them. Look for the cheapest totaling with shipping. Order as much as you can with the the extra $230. Make sure you get the headsets for atmost $23 each including shipping because fees is an pain in the butt from ebay. These headsets sell on ebay from $30 to $46.

Ebay posting fee 0.20
Average final value fee for headset is 1.18
If you accept paypal there is a fee too average 1.18 for recieving payment
Shipping USPS priority is 4.05.

Total average pain in the ass cost of fees and shipping is $6.61

If you want to get the $230 free money email me your email address and I'll go to the site to refer you by sending you a sign up link. They don't give us a link for referrals. You can also choose to sign up yourself at Link hidden: Login to view, but you won't get the extra $30.

Nothing to lose. If it doesn't work you just lose a little bit of the $230

Email me with subject line $230
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6 Sep 06 07:12:29 pm[/email]

DON'T DO THIS! It simply isn't true. I looked at the site, and you have to 'rollover' the bonus amount 20-200 times depending on your deposit method and where you live. That means that if you get a $200 deposit bonus, you have to gamble between $4,000 and $40,000 before you can withdraw your $200. It is not possible to just withdraw your bonus without gambling. The OP is just trying to get referral bonuses.


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