Trouble matching products with suppliers

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30 Apr 22 07:40:25 pm
Hello, I’m new to this and paid the $67 a year. I used trending products, browsed, and focused on several different ones. All the suppliers that Saleahoo pointed me to that carried those products didn’t at all! Where am I to find actual suppliers that match the products shown being sold?

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11 Jan 23 08:50:08 pm
The supplier results are based on the keywords used from your search. An example for this is if you search for "soccer ball", results will provide you with suppliers that carry the keywords "ball", or "soccer" such as "golf balls", or "soccer uniforms".

If you think the results did not provide you with what you needed, you can send us an email to Link hidden: Login to view and our representatives can help you find suppliers that matches what you're looking for.


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