Trying the auction inspector

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28 Dec 06 05:56:13 am
:D I got the auction inspector download and wanted to post a little about it as I promised. First select where you want to search, I chose U.S.. You can search by catagorie or particular term, relevant word such as camara, or be more specific. Next choose settings. Dont search more than 10 pages or your sit there for 30 minutes if the item is popular or has too vague a discription. Use all 5 inspectors to search for you and just leave the excluded word list as is until your more cofortable using the tool. Click OK and then start, and wait. I like to search 6 pages at a time to get a quicker response and anyone should be able to find a needed product out of so many wants. Start with seaching 2 words then narrow it down some by entering more and more words from the search. I still have'nt had time to use it alot, but I suspect it is going to be a very handy tool indeed. Having it available or on hand is better than not and should be kept close by.

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1 Jan 07 07:46:24 am
I also got auction inspector a while ago, but had the exact opposite experience.

1. Hardly anyone uses eBays want it now, or no one I know anyway. How can you predict demand with such a minority??

2. The software only gives you the product name and no more info. i.e the price, which you might expect it to be worth a lot more than they think.

I personally think that the software is totally useless, and I will stick to the old fashion way, but I do respect that other people do like the software.


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