Trying to get started working from home!

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12 Mar 10 01:29:06 pm
Hi all!

I'm new to SaleHoo (obviously since I'm posting here in the coffee lounge)! I am unable to find and work a regular full-time job due to physical limitations, and thought perhaps drop shipping/ecommerce would be a good home based business for me. I don't have room or money to put into buying wholesale right now.

I have dabbled in selling my own stuff on ebay, just to get familiar with doing it. I have also tried this other service called Shopster (only the free membership, not extremely impressed by anything they offer). Right now, I am trying to find a niche and am pretty boggled.

I know what would be hard to sell on ebay, so I steer clear of things like electronics, as the market is saturated.

What I'd like to perhaps get into, but can't seem to find suppliers, is to sell software licenses/keys. Are there suppliers on SaleHoo who supply these? Or are there any software dropshippers that seem to be good?

I have been surfing the forums, and I enjoy the fact there is a very helpful community here.

Thank you!

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13 Mar 10 12:10:18 am
I am also trying to find a permanent home business. I know what to sell, but don't know where to sell it. because of lots of restrictions. If i sell on ebay, they want paypal. and paypal can freeze accounts any time with no reason. classifed ads i try like craigslist or gumtree, but they took it out. I am trying to post multiple items like 100+ items.

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13 Mar 10 10:08:45 am
As far as the payment options you dont have to use PayPal. I use Paymate which is an authorized payment option on ebay. ebay both supports this company and allows you to use them primarily. I use them on one of my accounts with No problems at all!


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