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26 Nov 07 03:58:28 pm
Hey Everyone,

I've been an online seller for years now, finding deals here on Salehoo and then turning around and making a little profit on Ebay and other types of websites but I was thinking about moving up into the next level and opening up a little shop here in the city I live in.

I mostly wanted to deal with computers, accessories, and peripherals for computers (such as printers, speakers, and so on). The main thing that I wanted to focus on was building custom computers (I’ve been doing this for friends and family for several years) and I wanted to be able to get all the parts (video cards, processors, motherboards, etc) at a wholesale price so I can make a profit but so far I can't find any sellers here on Salehoo that either offer those products or offer competitive pricing, even if buying in bulk. Is my only option to go to each manufacture and find out how to get on their reseller programs, or are there other resources out there where I can purchase these types of products to keep in stock?

Thanks for any help that I can get on this one, I'm in no hurry as I still have to get my B/L taken care off and find a location for my shop, but I would like to know if it's even possible before jumping head first into it.

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26 Nov 07 07:46:31 pm
I would try talking with some of the major computer stores in your area, such as best buy and CDW and see if they can wholesale to you. I know that Best Buy will, you will have to check their prices as well. You could also contact a couple of the manufactures and see who the distributor is in your area. They will likely have multiple lines of products, and these are where you will really find the best prices from the distibutors. PM me if you want more info, but I used to work for a manufacture of computor processors and partnered with some of the biggest companies in the industry and everything was sold through distributors.

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27 Nov 07 05:10:19 am
Im not big on whos who in the computer parts world anymore. I used to build computers and sell them offline all the time. I have probably built over 400 computers over the last 10 years. I did start buying from to buy bulk parts becuase they were very nicely priced.Of course when they had them but they go fast. The rest I generally paid retail.

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28 Nov 07 10:50:11 pm
Link hidden: Login to view is good for computers and parts.
I do the same sort of thing as well as selling electronics in a small shop in Spain

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30 Nov 07 03:28:07 pm
I deal with and found that
there service is great....Order today
and its gets shipped that same day..So
I'm very happy with them. I was also looking
at CDW and found their prices are close
to retail....too high

My input
John (aka bacpro)

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3 Dec 07 08:27:52 am
try or they do build your own deals


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