Using eBay just for advertisement

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8 May 08 07:24:12 pm
i thinking about using ebay to get traffic to my amazon listings
lets say i wanted to sell xy on ebay but ebay but listings where
removed now i have xy on amazon but i am not making sales as fast as ebay
how do i advertise xy on ebay without getting it removed again?

any ideas would be greatly appreciated thankyou

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9 May 08 12:25:05 am
Hi Fish. In your About Me page on eBay you can put a link to your Amazon listings. You cannot use any form of advertising for another site in the body of your listings. Good luck!

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10 May 08 08:40:24 am
You can use the advertising if you link it from your store. Put the listings inside your store wherever it is hosted, as well as on your aboutme page. That's the way to do what you are thinking of.

Great question.

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14 May 08 08:37:32 pm
I want to use ebay just to advertise my own website. I am also looking for as many up and running auction sites as possible to sell and advertise on as well. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks


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