Warning for someone who doesn't know about spoof mail!

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8 Aug 09 02:55:42 am
hello everyone i just post this topic to ebay today but i still wanna moaning about it again so this is good place:-)

i feel so much annoyed with kind of people like this.
Has anyone got these rubbish be4?
i've got lots of spam mail lately some from fake paypal,some fake from ebay.
i guess they might think they can get money from innocent newbie people (sorry even i'm newbie too but you cant get my money!!!)
i got it everyday lately....some is bad quality,some is great!!!
i guess some mail is just came from customer who pretend to buy but cancel later so they can get info for used....
>>>>>>>>Let me show example of that email the latest one(this one try so hard)
he copy forward mail from ebay
Re:You've received a question about your item ,BOXED SONY PSP2(which i didnt sell) then i think he just realise that not look real from ebay cos has to be show ebay item number then he sent me item number again for improve it.
this is his conversation >'any new from my SONY PSP ?Paypal told me that you cashed the money in your bank account 6 days ago.if i don't get an answer asap i will start making complaints to FBI,ebay&paypal he use name rick-harley(Shauna Fuller) Power Seller ....but i can tell he's been used photoshop to change with name' rick-harley 'so i guess Shauna Fuller must be real name from innocent people.>>>>>>>>>>

and another example from FAKE PAYPAL
>>>>>> OOP!! i already delete it never mind... but i can remember ...it's try to warning me about 'has someone try to stolen my money in bank account and want me to press the button to link to paypal account for confirm identification.(But that day i haven't got bank account yet !!! and i got money in paypal that day 0.03

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8 Aug 09 06:34:49 am
Hi Jazmine, unfortunately you are not alone.

These types of 'phising' scams are all over the place, and only getting worse. I must get 5 or 6 a day telling me that my account has a security issue and that I need to login via the link sent to change my password.

I've never even heard of half these banks lol, but these types of mails to catch unexpecting victims unforrunately, and they can have their bank account emptied in the blink of an eye.

Quick tip, if you ever get a mail like that and you are concerned that it may well be right, go to the site by entering the address yourself, never use the link they provide in the email.

When you get to the site you will be able to asses what is going on, and of course 99 time out of 100 it will be nothing at all.

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