Warning to Power Balance bracelet sellers

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31 Dec 10 07:55:02 am
Hi to all,

I felt that i must express my recent experiance with selling Power Balance Bands available from all Suppliers.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE if you are going to import Power Balance Braclets to sell on ebay or advertise to sell elsewhere, make sure they are GENUINE/AUTHENTIC!

Power Balance Company is coming down on suppiers of counterfit products like there is no tomorrow.

I found myself looking at the amazing profit magins that i could make by selling So Called Power Balance Bands.

The supplier i got them from told me they were authentic and i brought 100pcs and started selling them via auctions and our website. Each band cost me $3.85NZD Per Unit and sale was $40NZD and they were selling like hot cakes. I know lol WOW.

But then guess what happened lol

Courier turned up on my door step with a parcel from Power Balance Australia PTY Lawyers with a Warning letter and a deed of undertaking to sign.

Excuse my langauge, I S#@T YOU NOT!

I honestly saw my life flash before my eyes, thinking oh shit i am going to jail lol

I had to meet there demans by surrendering stock, signing under taking agreement and to hand over all information regarding my supplier and my dealings with that supplier or i faced high court proceedings.

If you are looking to start supplying these product, PLEASE play to safe, if your supplier says it is authentic, sent one to Power Balance to have it checked for authenticity before you commit to selling.


Cozziemomo NZ

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31 Dec 10 11:30:53 am
Hi CozziemomoNZ,

Thanks for the heads up. I'm always looking for all sorts of products.

There are so many fake items out there it's great when someone offers their recent experiences. Hope you came out of it ok.

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31 Dec 10 05:29:59 pm
Hi there,

No problem :o)

I dont want others to experience what i just went through.

Its better to play it safe than sorry and stick with branless products unless they are genuine brands!

I have heard through the grape vine that Nokia are soon to be clamping down. for example: there are alot of copies of nokia like the N8 with nokia logo.

Aparently customs in various countries have been notified By Nokia to sezie all nokia products being imported from Asia for Authenticity.

I was very lucky to get away with a warning but i dont know how leaniant Nokia would be if they caught you selling counterfit nokia phone etc

Best advice is play it safe guys!

Kind Regards

Cozziemomo NZ

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2 Jan 11 09:51:18 pm
The same is true for most any brand name item. That is why we strongly advice everyone to avoid sourcing brand name items in Asia, particularly China.

Due to the ever growing counterfeit market many companies have limited the distribution of their brands/products through their own stores only and to a number of authorized distributors. One example is Nike - their products are one of the most difficult brands to source at wholesale.

Cheers :)


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