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Ways in contacting suppliers effectively!

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21 Sep 16 07:29:11 am
Now I know it can be frustrating trying to contact suppliers via email because the annoying fact is that many, if not most, simply do not consider email inquires as a priority. Even worse than that, many inquiries some how end up in the trash and never get a respose at all.

Now in a perfect world, email inquiries would get the same attention as a walk in or phone inquiry does, but as we all know, the world is far from perfect!

By all means, if you would prefer to use email as your first line of attack, then you have nothing to lose. However, we would recommend using phone contact if you want a speedy and guaranteed response. Now of course not everyone wants to make International calls due to the cost, but Skype is a great alterantive to using your phone.

You can get very cheap pay as you go plans through Skype, somethiong like 2.5 cents USD per minute or they also offer pay up front plans that offer sensational value for those wanting to maintain that phone contact, especially when there is a problem you need resolved quickly. In fact at the moment they have a free trail for 1 month, so you can check that out on the following link.

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So what do you need to make a Skype call?

Well you need to instal Skype, that's easy enough and of course it's free to download. Secondly, you'll need a set of headphones with a mic and that's it. All very straight forward, simple and mega cheap and you'll never have issues with suppliers not responding to an inquiry ever again.

Just bare in mind time differences, make your calls during office hours in the country you are calling and when making the call, remember you need to entre the international dial code, the the country code and then the area code, followed by the number istelf.

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