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28 Sep 16 06:01:37 am
If you have your own website, but using eBay as a sales funnel, you need to be finding effective ways to drive traffic to your site directly without eBay picking up on it. So here's a little trick you may not be aware of, but it can work and it can also be a killer marketing tool as well...BONUS!

Get yourself an explainer video.

Now yes, you will pay for it, somewhere between 100-200 seems to be where most of the market it, but I've seen cheaper and I've seen more expensive. I'm just in the process of having one made for myself, so happy to show anyone who wants to see the working result when it's done.

There are two options to sneak in your website info, you can drop in your web address or email with a text over during the video or you can even have it narrated as part of the the explainer message of the video.

Can you get away with it?

Well if someone wants to complain, then I'm sure eBay won't be happy, but I think it might be subtle enough to get away with it in most cases. Just try and keep your message subtle and make your video entertaining and I think you might be 90% there.

So, explainer videos, just from a marketing perspective alone, they are a killer marketing tool, so long as you get a good one. If you have a boring, useless horrible unengaging thing produced, then you'll be just wasting your cash..

Once you've got your vid done, you can use it anywhere as well, including on your website!

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10 Oct 16 10:48:07 pm
Great suggestion, Mark!

Explainer videos will definitely give your site that human touch, especially if there is a clear voice-over and animation. Even a quick 30 second clip can do wonders.

Check out this link for some awesome explainer vids: Link hidden: Login to view


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