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2 Dec 08 10:55:55 am
recently i have been using dropship websites such as and dealsdirect to sell things on ebay for, i know these websites will not give you very much profit but i have found that if you do some searching on ebay for the products that these websites have there is some decent profit to be made espicailly for items that are cheap e.g. $10 buy sell for like $25 even though this might not be much for 1 sold item it adds up one week i sold 10 of these, thats $150 for doing hardly anything. well any way the i am thinking about a new idea to promote the products on this website, so what i came up with is making some sought of catalogue and going around and putting it in mail boxes, to get a bigger customer base which would hopfully make a bigger profit, and once you have been doing this for a while you could have enough emails so you could email the catalogue around and make even more sales. the reason that i will think this would maby work as the normal person that doesnt know much about these things wouldnt know about these websites, cheers would like to hear opinons

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3 Dec 08 12:50:15 am
I'm surprised to hear that you have been able to make any profit from products supplied by the companies mentioned, especially deals direct as they also trade their products on ebay under a different id in direct competition to buyers.

You must be a very astute buyer to be doing that so congrats on that little feat

As far as a catalogue goes, they say there is someone for every product and all you have to do is find

Unfortunately both OO and Deals Direct both have extensive national marketing campaigns operating throughout the country, so I think you would be extremely lucky to find a market that would allow you to compete with them on their own products.

Interesting idea however!

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7 Dec 08 06:24:56 am
I must agree their , when i first started looking on ebay for bargains , (as a buyer) it wasnt hard to find oo and deals direct , they are well advertised online. Well done on making a profit , but i cant see it as a long term income. You really need to shop off shore to get good deals , takes time and money to find the good sites , but they are out their. For example , I have purchased bulk clothing lots from the USA , had them shipped here tax free, and sold them individually on ebay , everything i sell is authentic , and i sell it under the rrp they have in aussie. The only way you can make good coin is to get good suppliers , people want to pay less for their items , and in todays state of the economy even more so... do your homework , find good suppliers , and give the people a bargain , and fill your pocket at the same time... its all about cutting out the middle men!!
good luck to you all!


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