What are the most profitable products to sell?

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24 Apr 08 12:44:25 am
i have $10,000aus to invest in something that is going to give me a good return for my money. Any advice would be gratefull as i have souced other products and there seems to be not much out there to invest in. Only sensible help would be ansewered, the rest i will delete, so i ask everyone could they spare some constuctive advice as to what or whom i can invest in. At the moment ebay is just not happening, i have sold 4 items in 2 weeks and that hardly covers living costs, pretty sad considering i have spent endless hours on the computer trying to sell my items. We are all here to try and make a living but if things don't improve well i take my items and sell the lot off in one auction, which is about 700 items, and fade away in to something other than on-line selling.

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24 Apr 08 06:42:42 pm
I have all my extra money in silver right now. According to the experts there is 17 times more silver in the world than Gold.

if gold is at 900 an ounce then silver would be underpriced at 18 an ounce. Silver could appreciate to 53 an ounce price adjusted to gold in the next couple years.

If the economy continues to spiral down and I personally think it will as energy cost rise, consumer debt climbs, foreclosures increase and banks write off billions more ...precious metal are our best bet.

and yet I still dabble with this retail stuff... ??? I too have seen dismal sales lately. ebay seems broken as buyers have dried up these last few months and my website feels like a ghosttown lately.

well that's my 2 cents... it's not very cheery but I do believe precious metals will pay off. Not gold tho. It's too late for that ride.

good luck !

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25 Apr 08 12:40:43 am


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