What are the steps to greatness?

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8 Sep 10 05:02:42 am
Hi, i would have to say im kinda new to the internet world in selling and franchising aspect. I learned alot from reading stories from the internet and just giving it a shot. Franchising out to many business here and over seas, but one thing i have noticed there is no Begginers know how. How to make a business online for the people who are starting out and really dont know what to do so. I dont have thousands of dollars to throw around im willing to start small and grow big. Started out on ebay but didnt like the way they making money off of what i do and there high priced fees..... Wow...im willing to give them a little but i figure i can do my own thing also What ARe the Steps To Greatness??

Ima Grow my company day by day step by step and keep everyone updated but i still need a little help. I dont know where to start at and dont have any friends that really know what im talking about when i say the internet world. So its really me just learning on my own and moving as i go its fun but now i feel like i need some kind of direction i want to be able to say i grew from a 1 to a 10 in the business world i feel its so possible!

So Many Questions???

and if you need some help im willing to listen, somthing wrong in life tell me about it and ill try to help you out the best i can. yall have a great day and thanks for reading my article. This is pretty cool

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8 Sep 10 05:52:09 am
Hi and welcome Million-ells :) Nice to have you here with us.

From what I read in your post, I'd say you're pretty much on the right track. And from what I have read on forums and blogs on and off SaleHoo there isn't really a single set of steps or an outlined guide to follow in order to be successful when it comes to selling online. Since each opportunity and each situation will be presented differently amongst the millions of sellers worldwide.

But a very common advice I have often come across is: read..read..read..research..research and research some more. Everyday there is a new trend, a new product, a new supplier/directory - so you have to never stop your cycle of learning in order to excel!

Here are a few recent posts that I find to have really good tips which I think you'll find quite helpful:

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Also, I suggest downloading your copy of our User Manual - its a new addition to SaleHoo and it has great tips for online selling, product sourcing - the basics you need to survive the competitive market.

Don't forget to explore our blogs too - we have really good and experienced writers who can truly help you out with your questions

Hope this helps. Sing out if your need help with anything else! :)


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8 Sep 10 10:00:17 pm
Hi and welcome to SaleHoo, Million-ells!


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