What do you think about networking together?

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8 Dec 08 01:06:37 am
Ok, problem......you need cash to buy in volume to allow you to compete, and there seems to be a dramatic lack of cash floating around in here.

We have members spread throughout the world in here, so why aren't we all looking at networking together?

Let's take trade shows as a starting point!

Surely we have enough members in major areas where these trade shows are, and they have the opportunity to open up trading doors for anyone interested.

This is just an idea at the moment, but what if all the interested members got together as a group, appointed dedicated agents from within the group in various countries to visit the trade shows on behalf of the group looking for opportunities.

The members could report back with product opportunities and costings etc, then we would have a choice to jump on board as an investor in the group, or wait for the next opportunity to come along from a different company, or even country.

A purchasing group with a lot of buying power is not impossible to arrange, that I'm sure of because we have done it here on Salehoo before.

If such a group was put together, and we had most members wanting to go in a certain direction, then product licensing rights would not be out of the question, and then we would have the distribution rights.

Yes, I know......there would be a stack of work ahead to get an idea like this formulated into a business plan, but unless you want to spend the rest of your life looking for drop shippers, then maybe it time we all pulled together for the benefit of all concerned!

Of course licensing is at the extreme end of what would be possible, but volume buying and international distribution would be a walk in park!

Ok, like I said, just an idea to generate some conversation, but I'm sure it's possible, if there are enough members to show interest.


Mark (fudjj)

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8 Dec 08 01:33:32 am
I think you are on the right idea. I would get on boat with that. I thought of something like that for the area i live to get a group together. Power in numbers.

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5 Jan 09 08:49:41 am
this is the thought i was having also were do you guys live? i live in the united states and i am a registered business with all the licenses to buy from wholesale company's. lets get something started.

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13 Jan 09 01:25:14 pm
I hate to open up a can of worms but the last time anybody brought up
this kind of idea we lost our shirts. when you mention investors, anyone been here knows what I'm talking about.

My 2 cents on this subject

John (aka bacpro)

J Baca

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13 Jan 09 02:41:17 pm
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