What products can be marketed on a private website?

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8 Jan 14 10:47:54 pm
Are we allowed to market any products on our private websites?

Tina Pittman
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8 Jan 14 11:42:54 pm
Hi Tina and welcome to the forum

Absolutely, so long as they are legal and not stolen lol. You can list new, second hand, hand made, mas produced, whatever you want.

Mark (fudjj)

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10 Jan 14 03:08:42 am
Hello Tina - I wish to caution you a little on selling products through your own website. Unless you have the ability to drive constant traffic to your website (which takes quite a whole) or you have tons of money to pay google adwords PPC program, I would suggest you leverage marketplaces like ebay, amazon (in the unrestricted categories) and possibly many other online marketplaces to sell.

Yes, you lose close to 10-20% or so in sales commission / fees but if you had to drive traffic to your site (SEO is a long term investment - 6 months plus) and adwords is immediate but neither guarantee a sale, it would definitely be 20% if not higher.

Do keep this in mind prior to trying to sell products on your own through your site. Hope this helps!

Bharath Balakrishnan
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16 Mar 15 03:42:31 am
Hi, Tina.

Should you insist on using your private website, I would recommend using the social media platform to generate traffic to your website. It is free, and essentially easy to navigate through. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are all free media to link your private website through. If you sell unique products, you can find affiliate deal sites that uses analytic linking through coupon. This works when someone purchase your product through the deal site and share it on FB, it automatically generates a clickable link to your FB page or private website-- free adverts and more traffic.


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