What products to sell or suppliers to use?

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23 Mar 08 11:34:06 pm
Hi, I am new to the website and relatively new to buying and selling, I have had experience in dealing with Chinese wholesalers with mixed outcomes. I have now had some time away and would like to start up again properly. I would like to start on something small to grow relative to the hard work i put in. Like many I am not looking for someone to tell me exactly what products but maybe an area or a good avenue for first timers to start looking at.

I am in the UK and would like advice on whether to buy from UK wholesalers or from America.


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23 Mar 08 11:50:16 pm
hi picklepearson
it is always better if you can souce a wholesaler close to where you live or in the next state even, that way you no the goods are compatible with where you live, plus you will cut cost on shipping them in. If you can't souce goods in your own country than try to buy from wholesalers that are going to give you good service in what you purchase, don't go and buy electronics from the states because there electrical system is different from yours ( they may not work there ) so try to search for things that would sell well in your area. You will be surprised at to what you come up with.

p.s. becarefull of chinese scammers they will rip you off before you can blink.

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25 Mar 08 02:26:46 am
That's right. Electronic goods from USA and Europe are different, the adapter and the volt.
I heard that big stores like Mediamarkt in the Netherlands are using distributors from Germany. And the prices they buy the goods are not much different than from the USA.
Maby you can search in Germany for the distributors.
It would be wise to look for distributors of consumer electronics in Europe itself.
But if you are looking for other goods like memory cards, bluetooth dongles, etc
you can also search the Chinese or USA market and look for the best quality and prices.

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25 Mar 08 10:28:16 pm
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Good luck


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