What's a good margin to make on eBay?

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12 Jul 14 08:12:52 pm
What would be considered a reasonable profit margin/markup for products to sell on Ebay?

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13 Jul 14 11:28:32 pm
Hi David,

You will find that eBay is such a competitive marketplace that you really won't have much control over setting your own margins, unless you have a product quite unique to any other seller and the demand for it is there from buyers. It's a matter of looking at the competition in your genre, then measuring that data against your product cost and other factors such as sell through rates and then that data can all be broken down to see where your product will sit in the market, and what margin can be made.


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14 Jul 14 02:14:41 am
Hello David,

Marc could not have said it better. You first need to find out what you want to sell then creating a market study based on what is currently the trend on eBay or on any other eCommerce sites.

The key point to remember is that the internet is in constant flux. You need to work hard to keep tabs on current trends to make maximum profit. If Craigslist is doing well, sell on Craigslist. If you find a niche on eBay, sell on eBay.

Many sellers sell on 3 or 4 different sites to get the benefit of numerous audiences! Keep experimenting, testing and reading the forums and you'll do just fine!


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