What should I sell?

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30 Jun 07 09:31:25 pm
Just signed up, and I want to get some ideas of what I should consider selling on ebay. I was thinking about video games/DVDs since I know about them and love 'em, but what little research I have done so far leads me to believe there is a lot of competition and not a huge amount of profit for someone just starting out.

so I am entertaining any ideas anyone has as to what I can do to get started. been wanting to do something like this for a long time now, and I am finally taking action.

thank you!

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3 Jul 07 09:34:50 pm
Hi Corderoy17,

Congratulations on taking action and getting started!
I suggest you start by reading the relevant material on deciding what to sell in the Learning Centre. There is a lot of good stuff there that will teach you how to choose something that you enjoy selling and that will make money.
You could check out this blog post Link hidden: Login to view.

The research and analysis tool is very useful to check up on the feasibility of ideas as you have them.

Many people start by buying small wholesale lots off eBay and reselling them individually, or by going to flea markets and estate sales and buying up lots to resell. This gives you a feel for the market - without costing too much - and also gives you a chance to decide whether you actually enjoy selling the product (which is important if you are going to sustain enthusiasm in the long term).

You say you are interested in selling video games/DVDs - you're right the market is competitive for both of those products. But what about selling something else that is related but not so competitive?
I always find Yahoo's Keyword Selector tool very useful for coming up with related products and getting ideas Link hidden: Login to view.
Good luck :)


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7 Jul 07 06:43:32 pm
Hi..I normally suggest to people that ask, to start with what they like and know. However if your market is too saturiated with that item, then it would be indeed better to start with other items..

Here's a tip. Did you know that a very, very large percentage of shoppers are 'impluse' buyers. They go to wal-mart to buy a pair of jeans and come home with a whole new wardrobe.

Here is how this benefits you. Most people buy stuff on impluse. Then after they get it home, they quickly lose interest in it, or decide that they don't really need it. So what do they do?
They pile it in the closet or garage, or under the bed. Eventually they run out of space. A good percentage of these people will list these items in their local classified ad, or want ads.
Most of the time, they don't really want what it is worth, they just want it out of the way.(gotta have space for the new impluse buys)

You can browse you local newspapers and find these items. It might be video games, movies, clothing, whatever and will more that often be listed at a fraction of their value.

But you don't have to just take a chance. If you see a few items that iterest you. Just go to ebay and do a completed listing check on that item. If it's selling at a higher cost that what it is listed for in the want ads, then you can purchase it and resell it on ebay at a profit.
Better yet, an even faster method, is by using auction inspector. It's really fast.

I have a friend who uses this method as his full time income and does very well. Spends most of his day in his pajamas browsing want ads at the kitchen table.

I'm sure that you have been to garage sales. You often find really good items for sale very cheap. It's just stuff that was taking up space and they had no interest in, so they put it out in the front yard for sale just to get rid of it.

The only difference here is that you don't have to drive around town looking for yard sales...


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