What to do when you have no place to sell your goods?

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5 Jan 13 05:13:59 pm
Hello Fellow Membersi! I decided to open an online children's boutique. I began the research process in the summer. I've done tons of research, all the legal work, opened the right accounts, had a logo designed, and found the perfect supplier. All that, yet I can't manage to find the right site to open my store. I will eventually open my own eCommerce store, but starting out I want to use a 3rd party. I was going to sell on eBay, but their prices are significantly below SRP, so I can't compete with their prices and I don't want to. They're tons of others out there, but most of them that have the look and feel I want, require your goods to be custom-made, vintage, etc. (i.e. Etsy, big cartel, zibbet, etc.). When I stumbled on Artfire, I thought I found my answer. They have everything I'm looking for. Then, I began clicking on stores and most of them had 0 sells! Other stores had very few (3, 6, etc). I only saw a couple of stores that had decent sells, and I mean a couple literally. I've hit a brick wall and I don't know where to go from here. I would love to hear any advice, feedback, comments you might have on this matter.

Thank you so much!

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5 Jan 13 07:17:58 pm
Yep, that's how it usually works in online sale unfortunately. No traffic equals cheap or free listings because they're trying to build traffic. High traffic equals expensive listings because they already have the traffic that sellers need.

I notice you mention about doing your own site, so I would encourage you to read this recent post I made on making good use of ebay as a cost effective marketing tool.

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7 Jan 13 01:45:51 am
Hello Rosha,

When you're ready to start your own store, you might want to check out our very own Link hidden: Login to view which are SEO optimized.

Also, you might find the guides here helpful in bringing in more traffic - Link hidden: Login to view

Hope this helps :)


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